Top 8 All-Time Best Selling Tezos NFT Artists

Bonus: I included their cheapest available NFT in the market in case you feel like collecting

5 min readJan 30, 2022


Today I would like to review the top-selling artists on the Tezos blockchain. After all, it is the home of some of the best NFTs (1/1s, pfps, generative art) in the metaverse. I want to highlight top-quality crypto art according to the Tezos market and collectors.

Edit: Most of the highest sales are resales, which means artists got the royalty fee only. To understand what the artist earned, check the mint price.

I followed a simple process by compiling the top 8 NFTs sold by the top 8 artists (across all platforms, including hicetnunc,, and fxhash). I didn’t include PFP collections (I will save those for the future). As a bonus, I added the lowest floor piece on the market for each artist if you want to collect some of their more affordable creations.

1. Reachback by Xcopy

Xcopy is one of those OG crypto artists, minting NFTs since February 2020. He has sold over 1900 NFTs, and his art is worth around $50M today. His piece “Reachback” (3 editions) was minted for 5 $XTZ ($20 USD) but sold for 31,337 $XTZ ($125,348 USD) a couple of months later. The cheapest available (floor) is now 13,3337 $XTZ ($533,348 USD).

REACHBACK by xcopy

Although I wanted to share the most accessible pieces from each artist, Xcopy didn’t mint again on Tezos since Reachback came to life on hic et nunc.

2. Window Still Life 001 by jjjjjohn

John Karel, also known as Jjjjjohn, can be considered the most famous artist in the Tezos ecosystem. He’s known for his skeles and his windows series. John minted twenty-five editions of his first window (001) for 5 $XTZ each. Until today, the highest sold had a price of 17,000 $XTZ ($68k), and the collection has a floor of 22k $XTZ ($88k).

Window Still Life 001 by John Karel

The good news is he continues to produce his windows series. You can own his Window Still Life 100 for around 4 $XTZ only. Why so cheap? There are 2,500…