Wildxyz is Building The Home For Experiential Art

Interview with J. Douglass Kobs, Wildxyz’s founder and CEO.



Originally published at https://www.kaloh.xyz on June 13, 2023.

I’m excited to have partnered with Wildxyz to interview their founder — Douglass Kobs, and learn more about their spatial, experiential, and immersive art focus. Over the past year, they have worked with outstanding multidisciplinary, 3D, and generative artists, and their curatorial board consists of Casey Reas, Deafbeef, Mitchell F. Chan, Nancy Baker Cahill, and more digital art pioneers.

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An AI-generated imagery and motion simulation that depicts the beauty of nature generated by algorithms, representing our connection to the natural world in the age of artificial intelligence (more details about the collection at the end of this issue).

Let’s jump into my chat with Douglass…

What’s Wildxyz?

Wildxyz is the community where you create, collect, and explore experiential art.

Our mission is to put artists at the forefront of designing the spatial internet, so we can power a new wave of expression and possibility. You can collaborate with boundary-pushing creators in our artist residency, collect curated experiential art on our platform, and experience immersive works produced by Wildxyz, all in one destination.

Could you tell us more about your background before Wildxyz?

Before Wildxyz, I was the CEO of Apartment List for 14 years, a company I founded. Last year, the company did nearly 2% of all the rental moves in the US.

I led the team through multiple funding rounds, including their latest Series D, and now serve as Chairman. I’m also a creator, music producer, dad, metaverse evangelist, art collector, and sports enthusiast.

Common Spaces, Sasha Belitskaja
Common Spaces, Sasha Belitskaja

What inspired you to create Wildxyz?