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Generative art projects are booming. If you don’t know what they are, they consist of algorithms creating art. They come in different forms and shapes. From neural networks to custom-made algorithms written directly in the smart contract, they seem to be a new form of art defining our generation. I wanted to get my hands on one of these projects, and luckily enough, I discovered the AI42 collection. It all started on Twitter (duh!) when over 50+ people on a Twitter Space were going crazy over this newfound treasure.

AI42 was born on March 2021. It went dormant, with low…

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If you want to break into the NFT space, you need to properly understand the language to engage in conversations. The metaverse isn’t only a place to create, buy and sell art. It is more than that. It is a cultural and social movement. As such, a language has been developed and continues to evolve. This edition covers the basic expressions you will be reading across the different platforms. This edition isn’t a catch-all list but rather a starting point for your crypto vocabulary. Also, I will add my personal touch to each of these phrases, so it could mean…

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If you are in the metaverse, the chances are high that you have seen a couple of Pudgy Penguins walking around. This collection has been making headlines recently. I’d like to tell you the story of how I made a couple of thousand bucks in a few days.

It all started on Twitter (as always). I saw a retweet about a new collection, and since I had just joined the Fame Lady Squad, I wanted to join another cool community. By the way, I know there has been a lot of drama with the Fame Ladies; the creators weren’t…

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Recently, I had over 50+ conversations with up-and-coming and established crypto-artists and collectors as part of my newsletter research. I also spent many hours (seriously, many!) checking sales numbers, graphs, and trends to figure out how the space works. My curiosity led me to identify patterns creators are using to increase their sales. Although they seem simple, many newcomers are not aware of these tricks. Take these bullets as the theory they would teach you in the NFT school 😉

There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details.

Walt Disney

1. Volume vs. Margins

First of all, we need to go…

A colossal wave of excellent crypto-art work has erupted from Latin and Hispanic regions over the last year. As a consequence of the language barrier, it might be hard to notice some of them. Although I’ve covered Latinamerican artists (_tmist, xmachadoleao, and Datzel) in the past, I wanted to make a new edition about the whole movement. Let’s not forget legends like Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Fernando Botero, and Diego Rivera all come from these regions. Could we be witnessing the first steps of new art legends?

To write this edition, I asked the community for…

This edition is a continuation of last week’s edition — read it here.

Last week, I went through nine Latin American and Hispanic artists shaping categories like colorful art, abstract, 3D, and photographs. Today, I’m excited to introduce the ones leading the way in styles like dark art, collectibles, protest art, hyper-realism, and digital collages.

Before cutting to the chase, I’d like to mention the selection criteria once again. I’ was looking for unique styles, community support, and whatever made me feel something at first glance. Unique style means the artist’s art or a particular NFT shapes a category and…

Lady #24 by Fame Lady Squad

Last week, I joined my first NFT collectible project. I had collected NFTs before, but this was the first time I got into one of the generative avatar types that have been trending over the past months. The collection I am now part of is called “Fame Lady Squad.” I had a blast, learned many new things, and changed my perspective. In this article, I share my experience, and I tell you four reasons why I think you should join one.

First of all, If you aren’t familiar with digital collectible projects, here is how they work. Usually, a team…

I’ve been in the NFT space for exactly two months. Not so much time, right? Let me tell you that two months is an eternity in this particular space. Every day, someone innovates a new coin, a new protocol, a new trend, or a new platform affecting all market dynamics. In addition, new artists and collectors are leaping, bringing more opportunities and growing the community.

During this time, I’ve primarily written articles about crypto artists and the story behind their creations. I also created and sold my 1st collection and sold my newsletter as individual NFTs (pretty cool, huh?).


Placebo by Datzel

Datzel’s real name is David. He lives in the land of Tequila and Mariachis — Guadalajara, Mexico. Elements related to joy, lively colors, and big celebrations in Latinamerica and many parts of the world. Not the case for Datzel’s art.

In this particular NFT — called Placebo — we see a young man sitting in a praying or meditating-like position. He is wearing formal dark gray attire. A perfectly symmetric line cuts the top of his head, but there is no blood or signs of pain. On top of his head floats a circle surrounded by a ring, which reminds…

Beautiful Palace of Versailles

After publishing 🖤 One About Darkness, the collector of “Placebo” reached out to thank me for the story. I navigated through her Twitter account and ended up scrolling through her hic et nunc collection, and… wow! It was amazing! The collection was not only huge in quantity but also quality. I recognized up-and-coming artists and already established ones. We exchanged a couple of messages, and I could see her passion for NFTs. That got me inspired to touch upon the collecting element in the crypto art world. At the end of the day, no collectors = no crypto-art.

She goes…


Discover amazing NFTs from up-and-coming crypto artists.

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